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Homophobes Unfurled a Disgustingly Homophobic Banner at a Warsaw Soccer Game

During a recent match, homophobic fans unfurled a giant banner inside the stadium which read, “[Keep] Warsaw free from faggots”

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David Beckham Sports Eye Makeup on the Cover of LOVE Magazine’s Latest Issue

People are totally swooning over the former footballer on the cover of LOVE magazine’s latest issue

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Editors' Picks
The Daily Sting, Friday: UK Soccer Fan Banned for Homophobia, Trump’s Trans Military Ban Update

The soccer fan was banned from games due to shouting slurs, and a U.S. appeals court has sided with Trump on his trans ban

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The Bulge on This Cristiano Ronaldo Statue Is Permanently Polished Thanks to Pervs Touching It

It’s recently come to our attention that the statue in Portugal is being permanently molested by handsy perverts

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