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We Asked a Gay Ethics Professor About Posting Pics of Hot Guys Online Without Their Consent

TubeCrush and BoyCulture are two websites that regularly feature pics of sexy guys out in public, but are such sites ethical, even if they’re legal?

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The Latest Social Media Craze, the #TrashTag Challenge, Is Actually Commendable

The latest social media fad to come across our feeds and timelines isn’t eyeroll-worthy at all; it’s actually pretty damn amazing.

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Editors' Picks
‘Trophy Boy,’ the Short Film About a Social Media Influencer Who Loses It All, Is Heading to TV

We sat down with ‘Trophy Boy’ star and director Emrhys Cooper about taking the short film, about an influencer who loses his clout, to TV

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A New Hashtag, #WhyIDidntReport, Has Emerged to Combat Stigma Around Sexual Assault

There are many stories of survivors not reporting sexual assault to police. #WhyIDidntReport explains these stories, showing the power of hashtag activism

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