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The New ‘South Park’ Game Is Harder If Your Character Has Darker Skin or Is Trans

Out next month, the new ‘South Park’ RPG ‘South Park: The Fractured but Whole’ was previewed last week to a bunch of journalists

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PICS: It’s Hard To Find Committed, Recurring Gay Couples In Animated TV

There are only a few gay cartoon characters and even fewer gay couples that are committed and appear regularly. Why and why is it important? Let’s see…

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VIDEO: What Comes To Mind When You Hear The Word ‘Faggot’?

Thirty gay men explained how they felt when they heard the word “faggot”. Their responses raise a classic question: Do we even need to say the word at all?

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Turns Out ‘Crime Stoppers’ May Not Actually Stop Crime…

A wrong report in Seattle resulted in the assault of an innocent man. This isn’t the first time a Crime Stoppers report resulted in more crime. What can we do?

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Shameful Colorado Testimony: Gay Marriage Spreads AIDS

Colorado’s civil unions law suffered heartbreaking defeat yesterday after the House Judiciary Committee voted 6-5 in favor of not allowing the bill to be put up for a vote by the House, even though the state Senate voted decisively to pass the law last week. The shocking vote came after[…]

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