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Girl Goes On Crazed Rant After ‘Sassy Fag’ Kicks Her Off Southwest Flight

Known as “Italian Barbie” online, a 25-year-old woman posted her massive homophobic meltdown on Twitter after being kicked-off a Southwest flight

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Delta Airlines Kicks Passengers Off Plane for Speaking Arabic

YouTuber Adam Saleh got kicked off of Delta Airlines flight allegedly after 20 passengers complained about his speaking Arabic on the phone to his mom.

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UNCUT: Southwest Pilot Attacks ‘Gays, Grannies and Grandes’ Over the Airwaves

In what surely must be the most idiotic case of “stuck mic syndrome,” a Southwest Airlines pilot goes on an over-the-air rant that takes down “gays, grannies and grandes.” The pilot, who apparently did not realize – or did not care – that his microphone was stuck, continued his diatribe[…]

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