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Sick of Seeing Drake on Spotify? Some People Are Actually Getting Refunds Over It

If you’re sick of seeing Drake on Spotify, you’re not alone. Some people are getting refunds because they feel spammed with his face and music

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The ‘Queer Eye’ Guys Each Made Spotify Pride Playlists, But Which One Gags Us the Most?

Each of the Fab 5 created their own ‘Queer Eye’ Spotify playlist, and our team of music experts analyzed the lists to determine who has the best taste

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Pop Star Kim Petras Says a Record Exec Asked Her If She Was Trans to Be ‘Trendy’

Pop star Kim Petras revealed to Billboard that a record exec once asked her in a meeting if she was trans to be trendy. “I’ve been asked in a meeting at a company I was debating signing with if I was transgender because it’s trendy,” she said in the Kim[…]

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Monét X Change to Azealia Banks: ‘LGBTQ+ People Are the Only Reason You Have a Career’

After she accused RuPaul of illegally sampling her music, rapper Azealia Banks got into a war of words with Drag Race season 10 queen Monét X Change. 

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