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In a Gay Galaxy Far, Far Away: 9 ‘Star Wars’ Characters Who We’ve Decided Are Queer

It’s subtle, but if you look past the lightsabers and space fights, you might start to notice that the long-ago, far-away galaxy is pretty queer

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Editors' Picks
History of the Action Figure, Part 2: Sometimes Less Really Does Mean More

‘Star Wars’ action figures break all expectations, the industry standard gets smaller and one line moves from action figure to cartoon

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Editors' Picks
The Daily Sting, Thursday: Facebook Still Screws LGBTQ People, New ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Heathers’ Details

Facebook is continuing to treat LGBTQ people like crap, plus details on a new Star Wars series and that oh-so-controversial Heathers reboot

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Our 5 Current Obsessions: Get Skintight With Nasty Pig, Play Super Mario Chess

From sexy new tights to a new candy cane flavor and Super Mario chess, here are our current obsessions this week

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