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Don’t Be Dumb at Brunch: Starbucks Gets Squeaky Clean, Gay Marriage Still Coming to Taiwan

This week includes stories about coffee shop porn, an update from Taiwan on marriage equality and multiple stories relating to World AIDS Day

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The Daily Sting, Thursday: Taiwan Will Still Get Gay Marriage, Starbucks to Block Pornography

Among today’s top gay headlines are a Starbucks porn block planned across all coffee shops, and Australia’s approval of self-test HIV kits

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RuPaul Got Hopped Up on Coffee While Filming ‘All Stars 4’ and Flipped His Wig

On yesterday’s new episode of RuPaul’s podcast ‘What’s the Tee,’ he revealed that during the filming of ‘All Stars 4’ something made him flip his wig

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A Transphobic Store Manager at Starbucks Pressured His Talented Employee to Quit, So Now She’s Suing

A new lawsuit alleges a transphobic manager at a Starbucks refused to treat an employee with respect due to his religious beliefs; Jesus would be thrilled

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