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ACT UP Was Unofficially Founded 35 Years Ago, Changing the Face of Queer Activism

On the unofficial birthday of Larry Kramer’s pioneering activist organization, we take you through ACT UP history, including the famous CBS News disruption

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PrEP Isn’t the Cause of Higher STI Rates in Gay Men, Says New Study

A new study says the rise in gay men’s STI rates isn’t because of Truvada but rather due to a change in sexual, cultural and societal stigma

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Exclusive: Party Without Your Pants at This Year’s International AIDS Conference

The No Pants No Problem party is returning to this year’s International AIDS Conference in Amsterdam; we talk to the founder and sponsor of the sexy event

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This Gay Rugby Star Just Smacked Down an Aussie Boxer for His Hateful Homophobia

Gay rugby star Ian Roberts just responded to hateful comments by Australian boxer Anthony Mundine comparing gay people to pedophiles, and his response is dead on

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