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Queer People Rioted in 1959, a Decade Before Stonewall, at L.A.’s Cooper’s Do-Nuts

While many of us think of Stonewall as the first major fight for LGBTQ rights, there were predecessors, like the Cooper’s Do-Nuts Riot 10 years before

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Disco, Stonewall and the Birth of Pride Events in Chicago

We might think that New York City, with the Stonewall Uprising of 1969 and the Gay Liberation Day march in 1970, was on the forefront of queer organizing. But that would overlook the remarkable milestones that occurred in Chicago. Chicago’s gay history is indeed a robust one. It was 1924[…]

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Read This Homophobic 1969 News Article About the Stonewall Riots

You won’t believe the New York Daily News’ Stonewall article about the uprising. It’s equal parts condescending and revealing.

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Corrupt Cops, The Mafia and the Unknown History of the Stonewall Uprising

It’s hard to talk about queer history in June without talking about Stonewall. You’ve surely heard the name, and you might’ve seen the controversial movie that was recently made (and reviled) about the event. But do you know the full story?

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