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This Gay Porn Company Is Capitalizing on the Controversial Fetish of Incest

A new studio is putting out gay incest porn, leading some to question whether the industry has taken things too far

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25 Pics From the Gay Porn Awards That Took NYC Pride By Storm

Last night, media outlet ‘Str8UpGayPorn’ produced their first ever Gay Porn Awards ceremony at Stage 48 in New York City during NYC Pride 2017.

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Sean Cody Star Convicted of Assaulting a Police Officer While Naked at Cracker Barrel

Sean Cody’s gay-for-pay porn star Robert was arrested naked while high on cocaine at a Cracker Barrel in Nashville after assaulting a police officer

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#GayPornSoWhite: How 3 Major Studios Are Attempting to Diversify (NSFW)

Three major gay porn studios have finally begun to diversify their film with more African-American performers and scenes, but we say that’s not enough

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Gay-for-Pay Porn Star Cameron Diggs Admits to Trafficking Crystal Meth

Cameron Diggs and three other people were arrested on a charge of manufacture or delivery of crystal meth last week near Dallas, Texas

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White Supremacist Gay-for-Pay Porn Star Arrested During Massive SWAT Team Raid

Gay-for-pay porn star and model Cameron Diggs was arrested yesterday near Dallas, Texas following a massive SWAT team raid

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Prince Charming Scores a Small Win Against Porn Site That Exposed His Sex Work Past

Robert Sepulveda Jr.’s quest to scrub his past from the internet continues with his latest salvo against the porn site that helped expose his sex work past.

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‘Prince Charming’ is Trying to Force a Porn Site to Erase His Sex Work Videos

A lawyer representing Robert Sepulveda Jr. has told a popular porn site to remove videos of Sepulveda’s sex work past. The editor’s response is blistering!

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