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After This 23-Year-Old Brit Took His Own Life, a Parting Email Blamed His Adult Circumcision

Only 23 years old, the Brit turned Canadian resident took his own life, blaming a circumcision gone wrong in an email to his family

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This Gay Wrestler’s OnlyFans Account Has Raised Thousands for Charity

Is there anything better than porn for a cause? Money made from Dave Marshall’s homemade porn goes to charity

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This German Pop Singer Hasn’t Been Found After He Jumped From a Cruise Ship

Openly gay German singer Daniel Küblböck may have jumped ship from a cruise line this weekend, as the cruise realized he was missing on Sunday morning

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Week In Review, Aug. 31, 2018: Eminem’s Still Homophobic, Naked Calendar Boys, Jackée vs. Eureka

In our look at the week’s top stories, we find out Eminem’s still a homophobic ass, plus the weirdest twitter beef of the year and a sexy new calendar

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‘Queer Eye’ Culture Guy Karamo Brown Opens Up About His Past Suicide Attempt

In a recently posted video, Karamo Brown, the ‘Queer Eye’ Culture Guy, discusses his struggle with suicide and his thoughts on mental health

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This Gay 9-Year-Old Is the Latest to Be ‘Bullied to Death,’ Only Four Days Into the School Year

Jamel Myles, a 9-year-old, came out as gay to his classmates on the first day of school; four days later, he committed suicide due to their bullying

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Rick Genest, ‘Zombie Boy’ from Lady Gaga’s ‘Born This Way’ Video, Dead in Apparent Suicide

Zombie Boy Rick Genest appeared in Lady Gaga’s ‘Born This Way’ music video, covered in his trademark tattoos. He died six days before his 33rd birthday

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Celebrity Chef Nigella Lawson Helped Pay for a Gay Trans Man’s Funeral After His Parents Wouldn’t

Last September, Daine Grey came out as a trans, gay man and was disowned by his parents; Grey committed suicide and his parents refuse to collect his body

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The Actor Whose Jar Jar Binks Went Down in Infamy Opens Up About Near Suicide After Backlash

Jar Jar Binks went down as one of the most hated characters in the Star Wars universe, but the extreme backlash led actor Ahmed Best to contemplate suicide

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This Trans Game Developer Committed Suicide Following a Targeted Harassment Campaign

After being a target of harassment for years, she walked to a Portland park, delivered a statement and set herself on fire

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