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The Director of ‘The Babadook’ Finally Speaks Up About the Character’s Queer Icon Status

Years after the film’s release, the character became a queer icon of sorts, and now director Jennifer Kent weighs in

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In the Sexy New Trailer for ‘Beach Rats,’ a Gay Teen Explores His Sexual Desires

A new trailer for Eliza Hittman’s highly anticipated ‘Beach Rats’ came out over the weekend hailed as “the rare gay drama’ with ‘hot and explicit gay sex.’

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A List of All the LGBTQ Films at Sundance 2017

Today marks the start of the 39th annual Sundance Film Festival, the largest independent film festival in the U.S.. Whether you plan on going or not, it’s good to know about the LGBTQ films at Sundance 2017 because you’ll likely hear about them again, either as they wind their way around the festival[…]

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The Bully Project: It’s Not Just Gays That Are Tortured

With the success of the It Gets Better project, the national dialogue has been dominated by the bullying of LGBT teenagers. But the sad truth is that bullying is not limited to just one perceived minority or another. The truth is that anyone who is remotely different – skinny, fat,[…]

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Man Goes Viral After Masochistic “Woman”

We’re not at Sundance, and we don’t care. Really, we don’t.  (Actually, we are maddeningly jealous that many of our friends and family are frolicking amidst the glitterati!). And this one man might have wished that he didn’t go to Sundance at all, after seeing Lucky McKee’s new movie The[…]

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