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Goodbye Jorts, Hello Jeado: The Denim Dong Sarong You’ve Always Wanted Is Here

If jorts are a huge pool, the jeado is the above-ground hot tub of the swim brief world, and we think it’s the perfect way to achieve body confidence

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Editors' Picks
Jonathan Skow, the Man Behind the Mr. Turk Label, Has Died at 55

The man behind the popular-in-Palm-Springs label Mr. Turk and husband of Trina Turk died this past weekend in L.A.

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Here’s What Happens When Your Jerk Friends Get You a Pair of Dissolving Swim Trunks (Video)

A prank video involving dissolvable swim shorts has gone viral as a newlywed man leaves a public pool nearly nude in his decomposing trunks

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Style & Stuff
Our 5 Current Obsessions: A Colorful Take on Iconic Converse Sneaks, Your New Go-To Tank Top

Whether the brand-new take on the iconic Chuck 70 Converse sneakers from JW Anderson or a ‘Versatile Top’ from HOMOCO, this week’s obsessions are styling

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