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Hundreds of French TV Viewers Have Complained About Karl Lagerfeld’s Insensitive Syria Comments

This weekend, gay fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld went on French TV and called Syrian immigrants ‘the worst enemy’ of Jewish people

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Donald Trump’s Travel Ban May Force Ricky Martin to Get Married Outside of the U.S.

U.S. President Donald Trump’s travel ban might not allow the in-laws of gay pop-star Ricky Martin to travel into America, so he could marry elsewhere

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As ISIS Loses Its Middle East Fight, Some Worry Terrorism Will Look to Other World Cities

Every day, the anti-LGBTQ militant terrorist group ISIS loses territory in the Middle East, but some experts worry that their terror will spread

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Syria: What’s Happening and How It Affects the Country’s Gay Citizens and Refugees

This week President Trump bombed a Syrian airbase, so here’s a quick explainer about the war and tales from 3 gay Syrian war refugees.

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