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The Web Is Enthralled By These Sexy, Culturally Representative Images of the 2019 ‘Mister Global’ Guys

On Sept. 26 in Bangkok, Thailand, the Mister Global male beauty pageant saw men from more than 35 countries around the world compete for the annual title.

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Recent Thai Election Saw First Trans MP Elected, ‘Drag Race Thailand’ Winner Run for Office

The recent Thai elections saw the nation’s first-ever trans PM elected into office, and a few other LGBTQ candidates

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Thailand Is a Step Closer to Civil Unions for Gays, But Some Say That’s a Step Backwards

The legislature is a step closer to enacting Thai civil unions, but many LGBT activists want gay marriage or nothing at all

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Despite Marriage Equality on Track in Taiwan, LGBTQ Liberation Still Has a Long Way to Go in Asia

Taiwan is still on track to welcome marriage equality, but will Thailand beat it to become the first Asian country with same-sex unions?

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