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This Sunday, Taiwan Will Host One of the World’s Only In-Person Pride Celebrations

“Taiwan has Pride! Pride enough for everyone!” That’s the sentiment of Taiwan Pride 2020, a Pride celebration that will take place this Sunday, June 28, and which seems to be the only Pride Month event of its kind — an in-person celebration that flies in the face of the current[…]

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Taiwan’s Newest Gay Novel Explores Decades of Sex, Drugs and LGBTQ Activism in Taipei

The late 1990s and early 2000s heralded a new era of increasingly transnationalized queer space in Taipei. As I have written elsewhere the city of Taipei during the past two decades has become one of the main urban sites of gay play and possibilities in Asia. Ruled by a one-party[…]

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The Legality of Love: This Valentine’s Day, Remember That LGBTQ People Are Illegal in a Third of the World

LGBTQ criminalization remains a reality for too many people, as 68 countries — over a third of the world — continue to criminalize consensual relations.

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Hornet Users Said These Were the Decade’s Top LGBTQ Pop Culture & News Moments

Before the decade came to a close, we asked Hornet users to vote on the top pop culture moments of the 2010s, and here’s what they said.

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