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A List of 25 People, Products and Companies American Conservatives Have Tried to ‘Cancel’

Conservatives in America are big fans of calling Democrats (and anyone left of that) “sensitive,” “easily triggered” or “snowflakes.” Serious concerns about racism, homophobia and bigotry are often brushed aside as overreactions — a fun way of gaslighting those of us with, you know, morals. Now, one might think that[…]

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Target’s Support of the LGBT Community Hasn’t Always Been a Given

Though it’s now considered one of the LGBTQ community’s biggest corporate allies, it hasn’t always been that way

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This Gay Latinx Artist Says a T-Shirt Company Ripped Off His Pride Design and Sold It to Target

When gay Mexican artist Felix d’Eon noticed that a Target Pride shirt looked a lot like one of his old artworks, he called them out on social media

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John Barrowman Is Livid Because Target Wouldn’t Let Him Help a Homeless Man

In a video posted to Twitter, John Barrowman rails against employees at the WeHo location who wouldn’t let him help a homeless man

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