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Target’s Support of the LGBT Community Hasn’t Always Been a Given

Though it’s now considered one of the LGBTQ community’s biggest corporate allies, it hasn’t always been that way

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This Gay Latinx Artist Says a T-Shirt Company Ripped Off His Pride Design and Sold It to Target

When gay Mexican artist Felix d’Eon noticed that a Target Pride shirt looked a lot like one of his old artworks, he called them out on social media

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John Barrowman Is Livid Because Target Wouldn’t Let Him Help a Homeless Man

In a video posted to Twitter, John Barrowman rails against employees at the WeHo location who wouldn’t let him help a homeless man

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This Week’s Must-Haves: Samsung Galaxy 9, an Exclusive Target Collab and Hunky New Briefs

The Samsung Galaxy 9 is finally available and we’re super excited! Not just for that but a new Hunter/Target collab coming soon; here are our must-haves

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