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Beto O’Rourke Could End Ted Cruz’s Political Career, and We Couldn’t Be More Excited

The candidacy of Congressman Beto O’Rourke, running to defeat Ted Cruz as the junior U.S. Senator from Texas, has been HRC-endorsed

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Queers Twerked and Werq’d at the Texas Capitol to Protest Douche Canoe Sen. Ted Cruz (Video)

Austin activists held a Queer Dance Freak Out this weekend to protest the state’s anti-LGBTQ politics and the re-election campaign of Republican Ted Cruz

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Ted Cruz Liked a Porn Video on Twitter, Continuing His Weird Obsession with Porn

U.S. Senator Ted Cruz, a man who once said that adults have no legal right to masturbation, might have been masturbating last night

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Pastor Claims God Sent Hurricane Harvey Because Texas Didn’t Pass an Anti-LGBT Law

Pastor Kevin Swanson claims Hurricane Harvey was God’s punishment for Texas’ failure to pass an anti-LGBT law earlier this year.

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