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4 Radical Faerie Sanctuaries You Should Visit to Bring Magic Back Into Your Life

if you need a little more queer magic, frolicsome fun and natural beauty in your life, you should check out these Radical Faerie sanctuaries

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Minister Who Attacked Gay Marriage as ‘Tragic’ Resigns Due to Alcohol Abuse, Sexual Harassment

Father Eric Dudley called federal marriage equality “shocking, sad [and] infuriating.”

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This ‘Queer the Vote’ App is Helping LGBTQ Midterm Voters Get to the Polls

A Queer the Vote ride-sharing app in Chattanooga, Tennessee is getting LGBTQ people to the polls for the November mid-term elections. Here’s how it works

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Gay Porn Star Sentenced for Leading One of the Largest Secret Steroid Labs in the U.S.

Adult performer Tyler St. James, an alleged gay porn star steroid peddler, was recently sentenced for running a large drug scheme in East Tennessee

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Once Again the ACLU Has to Tell This Tennessee City It Can’t Ban Drag Shows

The city of Portland, Tennessee is attempting for a second time to enact a drag ban — and for the second time, the ACLU has told them it’s unconstitutional

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Big-Deal Country Music Exec Accused of Rape and Trading Male Nudes for Dolly Parton Meet-and-Greets

Nashville country music publicist named Kirt Webster has been accused of rape, trading male nudes and sexual favors for access to Dolly Parton and much more

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If This Tennessee Town Bans Drag Shows, the ACLU Will Sue Them

The city of Portland, Tennessee is considering a drag show ban, and if they pass it, the ACLU will drag them into court for violating free-speech.

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A Vegan Restaurant Goes to Social Media Hell After a Baby Shows Diners Her Butthole

A vegan restaurant fell into a social media minefield after it unsuccessfully tried to defend the owners’ baby showing its butthole to dining customers

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Gay Man Attacked by Gun-Toting Homophobes at Memphis Zoo

A visitor to the Memphis Zoo says he was attacked by a gun-toting gang of homophobes who punched and beat him in the face on Tuesday

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A Reporter Fired After Writing About Tennessee’s Bathroom Bill is Suing for $1 Million

A reporter who says she was fired from her job for writing about Tennessee’s bathroom bill is suing her former employer for $1 million

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