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Straight Mens’ Balls, Prostitution Therapy and 9 Other Old-Timey ‘Cures’ for Homosexuality

Doctors used to think that implanting a straight man’s testicle into a gay man’s scrotum would cure his homosexuality. And if you think that’s weird…

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Dick Water, Dead Parrots, Testicle Transplants: 6 Bizarre Ways People Tried to ‘Cure’ Homosexuality

All of them have been foolish and ill-advised, but some of these wild attempts to cure homosexuality have been especially bizarre

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This Ridiculous Study Is Still Trying to Prove Conversion Therapy Actually Works

Anti-gay groups are crowing over a new study proving conversion therapy really works, but there are many rather apparent problems with the study

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Actress Fired From UK’s ‘The Color Purple’ After 5-Year-Old Anti-Gay Tweets Come to Light

Oluwaseyi Omooba was fired after a five-year-old anti-gay tweet was brought to light

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