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Reporter ‘Gives Up Gay’ For One Month

Vice Magazine reporter (Re: not a gay blog) Jamie Taete cooked up a Lenten-esque socio-sexual experiment and decided to give up his gayness for a month. Everything from his home furnishings, laundry habits and use of conditioner was transformed into a Bizarro World heterosexual reflection of what it used to […]

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Watch Ex-Ex-Gay Put Exodus International Boss In His Place

Bra-VO, my good man. Ladies and gents, this is how to confront ridiculous homophobic nonsense; with eloquence and the calm confidence of knowing your opponent is bananas. Watch as former patients/victims/survivors call Exodus International Chief Alan Chambers out on the dangerous hypocrisy of his organization on live television with Dr. […]

Gay blog doesn't approve of the ex-gay crap.

Apple Finally Listens, Pulls Gay Cure App

After over 150,000 people signed Truth Wins Out’s petition on, Apple has pulled the ex-gay “cure app” from the Apple Store. Hurray Apple, for not letting this drag on any further! Launched last month by Exodus International, a Christian group that believes in curing gays from same-sex desire, the […]

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Pray The Gay Away?

Why does this obviously gay man who is discussing the fact that he cannot for a moment allow himself to be attracted to men in movies and online insist that it is possible to pray away the gay, even as he admits that he has not actually achieved this impossible […]