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Everyone Should Experience a Scenic Road Trip to the West Texas Oasis of Marfa

It’s that hip, mystical town in West Texas that everyone’s raving about, but what makes it so special, and is it really worth the trek? Yes and yes.

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Chick-fil-A Is Feeling the Pain as American Cities Decide Against Hateful Chicken

Boycott attempts have been taking place throughout North America, and some Chick-fil-A protests have actually prevented franchises from opening

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People Are Pissed That Captain America ‘Hung Out’ With This Far-Right Texas Politician

Images from the Chris Evans and Dan Crenshaw meetup last week were shared with the public via social media

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This Gay Teen Served a Year on City Council, Only to Be Recalled Over Leaked Nude Pics

The teen City Council member was recalled earlier this month after nude photos he’d sent on an app were leaked in what some call a homophobic plot

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