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Gay Guy Gets a Card From His Grandparents: ‘Happy Birthday, You’re Going to Hell!’

Homophobic grandparents are the worst — especially when they send you a card for your birthday to tell you you’re going to hell

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Let’s Explore the Story of Biblical Namesake King James I and His Lifelong Gay Lover

Though King James I was responsible for one of the most famous translations of the Bible, he also had a life-long relationship with a man, George Villiers

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We Were Loving Chris Pratt’s ‘Dad Bod,’ But Now He’s on Some Weird Bible-Based Diet

We were really loving the superhero star’s dad bod, but don’t expect it to be around much longer

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Sexy, Viral Jogger Wants To Save Gays From Empty, Sex-Obsessed Lives

The sexy, shirtless, bearded jogger who appeared on WGN TV this last week was part of an anti-gay Christian group. Has he seen the light since then?

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