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Let’s Explore the Story of Biblical Namesake King James I and His Lifelong Gay Lover

Though King James I was responsible for one of the most famous translations of the Bible, he also had a life-long relationship with a man, George Villiers

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We Were Loving Chris Pratt’s ‘Dad Bod,’ But Now He’s on Some Weird Bible-Based Diet

We were really loving the superhero star’s dad bod, but don’t expect it to be around much longer

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Gay Guy Gets a Card From His Grandparents: ‘Happy Birthday, You’re Going to Hell!’

Homophobic grandparents are the worst — especially when they send you a card for your birthday to tell you you’re going to hell

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Sexy, Viral Jogger Wants To Save Gays From Empty, Sex-Obsessed Lives

The sexy, shirtless, bearded jogger who appeared on WGN TV this last week was part of an anti-gay Christian group. Has he seen the light since then?

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Softcore Israeli AIDS Campaign Has ‘Adam And Steve,’ Trans Goodness (NSFW)

About 245,130 people in the U.S. and Israel don’t realize they’re HIV positive. So Israel is using softcore pics to remind folks, ‘It’s better to know.’

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See You In Court! Nebraska Woman Files Suit Against All Gays And Their Allies

Sylvia Driscoll has asked a judge to declare homosexuality a sin (and that judge isn’t God). All gay people will be on trial… better get your suit pressed!

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Bigot Resigns From Job, Rather Than Sign Gay Marriage Licenses

Was it something we said? Laura Fotusky, the Republican town clerk in Barker, Broome County, submitted her resignation last night, saying she could not sign licenses for same-sex couples. Same-sex marriage becomes legal July 24. Her resignation is effective July 21. “The Bible clearly teaches that God created marriage between[…]

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3 in 10 Americans Believe Bible Is the Literal Word of God

A Gallup (i.e. top notch) poll taken between May 5 and 8 of this year found that three in ten Americans believe that the Bible is the literal word of God. Damn the fact that there are countless translations offering contradictory interpretations, or the mountain of historical evidence which clearly[…]

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What REALLY Happened At Sodom and Gomorrah?

Love filth! Get your love filth! Hard and soft varieties right here! Get it while it’s hot! Enjoy.

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Kentucky Kicks Two Men Out of Public Pool For Being Gay

Two gay men with developmental disabilities enjoying a trip to a public pool in Hazard, Kentucky (Seriously.) were ejected by a maintenance technician at the facility and told “gay people were not allowed to swim there.” Oh. Hell. No. The two men were guests on Mending Hearts, Inc. – a[…]

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