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Editors' Picks
Grey Hair on the Deep Blue: A Golden Girls Cruise of the Caribbean Is Coming!

Setting sail from Miami in February 2020, this cruise is the ultimate experience for big fans of the show

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‘Designing Women’ Gets a Drag Reboot in the Basement of an L.A. Mexican Restaurant

If you ask Jackie Beat, ‘Designing Women’ could be the most obvious choice for a live onstage musical reboot starring drag queens

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Don’t Be Dumb at Brunch: Bet on Beto, ‘Golden Girls’ Glamour and a Gay Athlete’s Tale

And as always, we pick another Whack Job of the Week.

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Week In Review: The Golden Girls Get a Remodel, Reddit’s Huge Penis Problems

In our look at the week’s top stories, we check in with a 21st century take on ‘The Golden Girls’ (or at least their house) and problems of the well-hung

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