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10 Quotable Campy Movies Every Queer Person Should See at Least Once

Campy movies are like a language that queer people use to communicate our experiences, values and community

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25 Essential Drag Queen Films Every ‘Drag Race’ Fan Needs to See

If you’re a ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ stan and need additional education or just sensory stimulation, then this list of films is for you

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The ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ Castle Is Now a Luxury Hotel, and You Can Stay There

Located less than a half-hour from London’s Heathrow Airport, is Oakley Court your next vacation destination?

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A ‘Will & Grace’ LEGO Playset Sounds Rad, As Do These 5 Other Ideas Inspired by Queer TV and Film

Mark Fitzpatrick’s Will & Grace LEGO is pretty cool, but we thought of 5 other playsets inspired by LGBTQ TV and film that we’d love to play with

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Did You Know There’s a Sequel to the ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ Called ‘Shock Treatment’?

There’s a little-known Rocky Horror sequel called Shock Treatment, and while it’s not great like the original, it’s still interesting. Here’s the backstory

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“Chloe” Creator Drew Droege Loves Villains and Monsters

We sit down with Drew Droege, the creator of the strangely hilarious “Chloe” videos featuring weird stories of celebrity.

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What Does Trans Actress Laverne Cox Think About Playing a “Transvestite” in ‘Rocky Horror’?

Transgender actress Laverne Cox will soon star as a bisexual cross-dresser in FOX’s October 20 airing of the way problematic Rocky Horror Picture Show.

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5 Unfortunate Truths About LGBT Film In Hollywood

While the rest of the world makes progress towards LGBT equality, Hollywood’s actually been backtracking. Was the golden age of queer cinema twenty years ago?

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