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Anti-Trans Boycotters Can’t Live In America Without Supporting Pro-Trans Businesses

Not only is it near impossible to boycott pro-trans businesses in America, the U.S. anti-trans movement is actually doing very badly.

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INTERVIEW: Think Progress Editor Zack Ford On What’s Next For the LGBT Movement

Zack Ford from ThinkProgress sat down to answer some questions about what’s next for the LGBT rights movement after marriage equality.

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Marcus Bachman: Gays Are Barbarians That Need To Be Educated

Marcus Bachman, former “Ex-Gay Reparative Therapist” and husband of Tea Party presidential candidate Michele Bachmann, compares homosexuals to barbarians in need of education and discipline in a lovely clip unearthed by Think Progress. In a sane and rational world, this would hands down mean the end of Michele Bachmann’s run[…]

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