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Tatianna Just Had a Deranged ‘Drag Race’ Fan Threaten to Throw Acid in Her Face

A deranged ‘Drag Race’ fan threatened to pour acid on the face of veteran ‘Drag Race’ queen Tatiana if she showed up for a scheduled live-show in Tijuana

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This Gay Magazine Cover Is Getting Lawsuit And Death Threats

“My Kali” — the only gay e-zine in Jordan — was published in English to avoid a social backlash. It worked, until they published their first Arabic issue.

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The Artist Behind The Nude Trump Drawing Is Getting Death, Rape And Legal Threats

The woman who drew the nude portrait of Donald Trump is being threatened and harassed by Trump and his supporters.

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Adorably Tiny Marsupial Brings New Meaning To “Le Petite Morte”

Two new species of pouched mice have been discovered in Tasmania. Their adorable face belies a sex life that’d get them on Jerry Springer… if they LIVED.

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India’s First Married Lesbians Need 24/7 Protection From Honor Killers

Savita and Veena (25, 20) were granted the official honor of becoming India’s first married lesbian couple on July 22 after Savita’s divorce from her husband was finalized. Savita, fully aware that she was a lesbian, had been forced to marry a man against her will. It didn’t work out[…]

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Tracy Morgan Issues Apology To Unicorn Booty and Um…All the Gays He Hates

Tracy Morgan’s publicist, Nicole Chabot just sent over an apology from Tracy Morgan regarding his offensive anti-gay meltdown, and threat to stab his own son to death if he is gay. “I want to apologize to my fans and the gay & lesbian community for my choice of words at[…]

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Mitt Romney: We Have To Hang Obama By The Neck

Although we’re a gay blog, we shine our rainbow spotlight on other issues we find equally deserving of your attention and/or outrage. We watched this press conference clip three times this morning and had to pick our jaws off of the desk after each time. Mitt Romney, a Republican presidential[…]

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‘I’m Gay’ Rapper Lil’ B Receiving Death Threats

We told you earlier in the week about the (bi)curious case of Lil’ B, the straight rapper who named his upcoming album “I’m Gay.” If you squint at the screen and read B’s announcement upside down with sunglasses on, it’s sort of like a modern update on Shakespeare’s famous line[…]

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