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Death Doesn’t Have to Be the End: You Can Now Buy a Sex Toy With Your Lover’s Cremains

There’s nothing harder than losing your significant other, but with the 21 Grams project, for $10K, you can have a cremains sex toy made from his ashes

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Matthew Shepard Died 21 Years Ago, and Republicans Are Working to Undo His Legacy

It was 20 years ago today that Matthew Shepard was beaten and left for dead near Laramie, Wyoming for being gay; how far have we come since then?

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Week In Review: Australia Hates Poppers, Trump’s Penis Ruined Mario Kart for Everyone

In our look at this week’s top stories, we discover that Australia could ban poppers because straight people started using them and Trump’s Toad-ishness

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Read This Twitter Thread About the ‘80s HIV Epidemic That Has Left Everyone in Tears

American journalist Tucker Shaw wrote a heartbreaking HIV Twitter thread after hearing a young person say that the epidemic was good ‘in the long run’

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This Gay Man Says a Jury Sentenced Him to Death Because They Thought He’d Enjoy Prison

A jury convicted gay murderer Charles Rhines to death because they thought he’d enjoy prison. Now the U.S. Supreme Court may re-consider his sentence

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The Deadly Opioid Fentanyl Has Made Its Way Into Street Drugs Like Cocaine, Meth and MDMA

The powerful opioid fentanyl may be responsible for at least three deaths in L.A. after three cocaine users suddenly died following a bender

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SXSW 2018: If You’re Tired of Gay Film Tropes, ‘Martyr’ Offers a Deep Dive Into Male Friendship

In our spoiler-free Martyr review, we explain how Mazen Khaled’s dramatic exploration of male intimacy differs from any gay film you’ve ever seen

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A Dog Died After a United Flight Attendant Forced It to Fly in an Overhead Bin

On Monday night, a dog died in a plane after a United Airlines flight attendant forced the family pet to fly in an an overhead bin

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Two Men Ignored by the 2018 Oscars ‘In Memoriam’ Montage Were Brilliant Gay Actors

The 2018 Oscars In Memoriam segment left out John Mahoney and Jim Nabors. We take a closer look at their work and why they didn’t get a fond farewell

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Social Media Trolls Are Blaming the Death of Porn Star August Ames on the Gays

The alleged death of 23-year-old porn star August Ames has been met with Twitter users blaming her passing on gay media for covering her recent homophobic tweets

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