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The 30 Best Celebrity Underwear Bulges of the 21st Century

This Sunday is National Underwear Day, and to celebrate we thought we’d do some research and compile this list of the 30 best celebrity bulges — for science

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But Is it Art? Tom Daley Poses Nude for Painter David Hockney

A nude portrait of Olympic diver Tom Daley is part of a David Hockney retrospective now at LACMA.

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Don’t Be Dumb at Brunch: Pride Is Year-Round and This Gay Soccer Player Got a Standing Ovation

It’s Sunday, so be well-read for brunch; this week you’ll need to know about sex toys for the disabled and Collin Martin’s standing O

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Dustin Lance Black Is Banned From Russia for Pro-Gay Protests, Says Husband Tom Daley

Olympic diver Tom Daley claims Russia banned Dustin Lance Black for a 2013 pro-gay protest Black held following the screening of his film, ‘Milk’

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