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Behold the Trump Administration’s Latest Attack, This Time on Queer Senior Citizens

The Trump Administration continues its assault on LGBTs with a change that at first seems minor but has a huge effect on queer senior citizens

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Why Can’t Gay Men Donate Blood?

It sounds like a cruel joke, but it’s true—with all we know about HIV, blood, science and medicine, gay men still can’t donate … for no good reason at all

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An HIV Policy Expert Explains What Trump’s HIV Policy Might Look Like

As a candidate, Donald Trump revealed very little about his plan to battle HIV in America and around the world, but here’s what we should watch for.

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Donald Trump’s Worst Cabinet Appointees — So Far

Optimists say to “wait and see” about Donald Trump’s administration. But we don’t have to wait, we can look at what his appointees have said.

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