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After Claiming Topher DiMaggio Was Suspended, Andrew Christian Releases Video Starring the Alleged Rapist

However, a new installment of the Andrew Christian web series Model Behavior was published today, featuring Topher DiMaggio

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FleshJack Dumps Topher DiMaggio Products Following Multiple Rape Allegations

FleshJack used to sell a number of items featuring the likeness of accused rapist Topher DiMaggio, but no longer

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Andrew Christian Suspends Porn Star Topher DiMaggio Amid Sexual Assault Allegations

Andrew Christian has indefinitely suspended one of its models, porn star Topher DiMaggio, while they investigate several sexual assault claims

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A Third Man Has Come Forward and Accused Topher DiMaggio of Violent Rape

A third victim has come forward with allegations that Topher DiMaggio raped him after a night out at the club with friends.

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Exclusive: A Second Individual Has Come Forward Accusing Porn Star Topher Dimaggio of Rape

A second individual comes forward with Topher Dimaggio rape allegations, following an accusation of the same by gay porn star Tegan Zayne earlier this week

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Five Days Later, Gay Porn Actor Topher DiMaggio Responds to Rape Allegations Made by Co-Star

Gay porn star Topher DiMaggio has denied rape allegations made by fellow adult film actor Tegan Zayne through plagiarism and misrepresenting Zayne’s tweets

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Gay Porn Actor Tegan Zayne Accuses CockyBoys Co-Star Topher DiMaggio of Rape

Gay porn star Tegan Zayne recently accused fellow porn performer Topher DiMaggio of rape, opening a new conversation about consent and assault between sex workers

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Andrew Christian Announces New Reality Series ‘Model Behavior’ (Video)

Underwear designer Andrew Christian is the latest to create some horrible gay reality television to satisfy our cravings with Model Behavior

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