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John Barrowman Is Livid Because Target Wouldn’t Let Him Help a Homeless Man

In a video posted to Twitter, John Barrowman rails against employees at the WeHo location who wouldn’t let him help a homeless man

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Jeffery Self Tells Us How Stealing ‘Torch Song Trilogy’ Changed His Life

Jeffery Self walks us through the entertainment that changed his life — from his early copy of the Fierstein classic to staging musicals as a teen

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Is Your Favorite Male TV Character One Of These 8 Bisexuals?

TV bisexuals just used to come in only two flavors: bad and worse. Now there’s more, in a delicious array of tastes!

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Other Space: The Bisexual Universe of The Future

Men in skirts, women in leadership roles (and pants), a sensitive captain, and bisexual storylines make the goofy comedy Other Space seem pretty futuristic.

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