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History of the Action Figure, Part 1: G.I. Joe and the Rise of the Man-Doll!

Where did those little plastic objects of affection, originate? Let’s take a deep dive, starting with G.I. Joe

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In 1978, the Anatomically Correct ‘Gay Bob’ Doll Delighted Gays and Freaked Out Homophobes

Back in 1978, people could buy a gay Bob doll from certain gay magazines and boutiques; it was anatomically correct and a symbol of rising gay identity

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Could Mattel Soon Be Offering a Same-Sex Barbie Wedding Set?

Thanks to this gay couple reaching out to Mattel, a same-sex Barbie wedding set may soon be available in a store near you

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Pop-Up Exhibit Takes Aim at Toxic Masculinity With Provocative Takes on the Ken Doll

The interactive pop-up, called “The Modern Ken,” took place in NYC and aimed to comment on pressing social issues

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