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Queer People Rioted in 1959, a Decade Before Stonewall, at L.A.’s Cooper’s Do-Nuts

While many of us think of Stonewall as the first major fight for LGBTQ rights, there were predecessors, like the Cooper’s Do-Nuts Riot 10 years before

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xHamster Is Hosting a Weekend-Long Fundraiser for Sex Worker Charities, and They Want You!

Finally, weekends are fun again. Well, next weekend will be, at least. From Friday, June 26 to Sunday, June 28, the porn tube site xHamster is hosting a three-day Pride fundraiser specifically for trans and sex worker charities, and you’re invited to participate! Trans sex workers of color were at[…]

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A Short History of the Bidet (and Why It Never Became Popular in America)

This short, interesting bidet history shows why the European fountain for cleaning people’s undersides never caught on in America, despite being awesome

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6 Famous People You Didn’t Realize Were Sex Workers

From high-class rentboys to bored strippers, here are six awesome individuals who spent time working sex

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