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In Several Decades, Los Angeles Will Be Habitable for the First Time in a Century

Los Angeles is on its way to becoming habitable, but you shouldn’t hold your breath — or maybe you should, if you value your life.

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Your Über Driver is Judging You

If you treat your driver like a servant, he is going to treat you like Marie Antoinette, and guillotine your reputational head.

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How to Properly Flirt on Public Transportation

Flirting on public transportation is a skill we all need to learn sooner rather than later, and it’s easier than you think.

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Are Americans Too Fat For The Bus?

Federal bus safety rules are being rewritten for the first time since 1962. Why? Because our country has gotten F-A-T. Obesity is straight up out of control in our country, and overweight bus riders are putting everyone on the road at risk. Say what? USA Today reports: The Federal Transit[…]

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