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Can’t Afford PrEP? Online Pharmacies Could Be Your Best Bet

We know PrEP is effective, but its high cost is fairly restrictive, making generic PrEP through online pharmacies a great option for many

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The FDA Has Approved a Generic Version of the PrEP Drug Truvada

Americans rejoice — the FDA has given the green light to a generic Truvada from Teva Pharmaceuticals, which should make the drug cheaper and more available

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How Did a Dutch Man Become the Third PrEP User to Contract HIV?

It may seem like a 50-year-old Dutch man has become the third case of PrEP-resistant HIV, but a close look at his sexual history shows how he is different

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Here’s How to Get PrEP for Free in Norway, the Second European Country to Cover It

Time to head to Norway — they just became the second European country to provide and fully cover PrEP!

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