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Robert Pattinson Talks Sex: Get Lubed Up and Run Right Into It

Surely some of our beloved readers are Twilight fans? In which case: Robert Pattinson. Sex. “Get lubed up.” Enjoy. Get More: Movie Trailers, Movies Blog

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‘Share A Little Blood And You’ll Party For An Eternity’

If a homo/bi-erotic vampire film came out in 2000, but nobody saw it, is it safe to call it ‘new’? Who knows? We’re going with it.

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Really, Gay Twilight Movie? Really?

Director Charlie Vaughn (who?) and Ariztical Entertainment (God bless you!) proudly present, Vampire Boys. Oh gosh. Just wow, man. Wow. I’m sure there is certainly a market for this somewhere, but something tells me that the millions of Twihard girls that are running around all crazy-go-nuts in their Team Edward panties[…]

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Awful Tattoo of the Day: Twihard Edition

Unicorn Booty reader Georgie Stimak sends in this lovely gem for our gay blog consideration. Presenting, the world’s largest Twilight tattoo. We die inside a little. Why, Twihards, whyyyyy?! What do you think of this monstrosity?

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