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What’s Old Is New Again: The Definitive Guide to TV Reboots in 2018

With all the TV reboots airing now, soon to release and currently the stuff of rumors, it can be hard to keep up

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The Lumber Yard Gay Bar in a Seattle Suburb Will Let You Live Your ‘Twin Peaks’ Fantasies

Whether you love ‘Twin Peaks’ or you just dig wood, the new Lumber Yard gay bar in a Seattle suburb is absolutely delightful

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These Memes Combine 2 of Our Favorite Things: ‘Drag Race’ & ‘Twin Peaks’

You have to be a fan of both Drag Race and Twin Peaks to enjoy the memes of “Fire WERK With Me,” but if you are, they’re downright rapturous

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‘On the Air’ was David Lynch’s Bizarre Sitcom Follow-Up to ‘Twin Peaks’ (Video)

As big a success as ‘Twin Peaks’ was in 1992, ‘On the Air’ was equally a failure — but David Lynch and Mark Frost’s second TV series for ABC is a lost gem

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Behold! It’s the Thorough ‘Twin Peaks’ Recap You’ve Been Waiting For

For casual fans wanting to get stoked for the new episodes, this Twin Peaks recap is a refresher on what everyone in town was doing in that final episode

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Twin Peaks: 7 Queer Moments From TV’s Weirdest (and Whitest) Series

‘Twin Peaks’ offers a few queer moments for fans willing to look closely. After all, in this town, most of the interesting stuff isn’t visible on the surface.

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Editors' Picks
Twin Peaks: 7 Actors You Didn’t Remember Made Guest Appearances

The series ‘Twin Peaks’ had several supporting players, but these notable actors played small roles on the show before moving on to bigger and better things

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Twin Peaks: David Duchovny Is Back as DEA Agent Denise Bryson

On ‘Twin Peaks,’ David Duchovny will reprise his role as the DEA Agent, a character whose portrayal might not sit well in today’s more trans-aware times

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