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Gay ‘Twinks For Trump’ Blogger Was Just Arrested for Assaulting a Woman During a Campus Speech

Lucian Wintrich, White House correspondent for The Gateway Pundit, was arrested Tuesday night after he grabbed a woman at a UConn speech

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‘The Night of the Long Knives’ Shows Why LGBTQ People Shouldn’t Support the Far-Right

Gay men who love far-right candidates like Donald Trump and Marine Le Pen would do well to learn about the Night of the Long Knives

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At an Event for New York Republicans, I Observed GOP Gays in Their Natural Habitat

I attended “Gay Right: A Panel Discussion” at the Metropolitan Republican Club to watch gay Republicans in their natural habitat

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Alt-Right ‘Twinks for Trump’ Leader Lucian Wintrich Once Played a Clown-Zombie in ‘Vamp Bikers 3’

Before becoming a journalist, Lucian Wintrich had a career appearing in campy B-movies opposite porn stars, club kids and Michael Musto

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‘Twinks for Trump’ Founder Says Fox News Reporter Physically Assaulted Him

Twinks for Trump founder Lucian Wintrich says he was physically assaulted by Fox News reporter Jon Decker at the White House last week.

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