Tyler Coates

Disappointing Gay Best Friend: Gay Wedding

Mikala and Tyler are back after an unbearable hiatus with a new Disappointing Gay Best Friend. For your viewing pleasure, DGBF: Gay Wedding. I volunteer to wear the feathers, by the way. Just saying…

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Disappointing Gay Best Friend: Musicals

Putting our own disappointing-ness on display here, we seriously have no clue what Mikala is singing here in the latest DGBF. Tyler looks cute though. Are you a disappointing gay best friend?

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Disappointing Gay Best Friend: Interview

Mikala Bierma, the latest addition to my “If you could invite six people to dinner blah blah blah…list”, opens up about being so gaymous is hurts to The Advocate. While I’m busy kicking myself for not asking to interview her first, you can go ahead and check out some highlights […]