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Ouch! UFC Fighter Bryce Mitchell Just Ripped His Scrotum in Half With a Hand Drill

UFC Fighter Bryce Mitchell just posted a horrifying photo of his bloody undies after mutilating his scrotum with a hand-drill

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MMA Fighter Conor McGregor Apologizes For Using an Anti-Gay Slur, Says He’s the Real Victim

Is MMA Fighter Conor McGregor anti-gay? Yesterday, he apologized for using a slur to describe another fighter — but then said he was the real victim

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Bow Down! Amanda Nunes Becomes UFC’s First Lesbian Champ!

This weekend, Amanda Nunes became the first openly LGBT person to ever win a UFC title. Here’s how she did it…

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UFC Fighter Poses As English Teacher, Tricks Japanese Into Saying ‘I’m a Faggot’

Oh hi-ho-the-dairy-oh HELLZ no! UFC Fighter-cum-Mr. T impersonator in the remake of The A Team Quinton “Rampage” Jackson pretended to be an english teacher on a recent trip to Japan in order to degrade and humiliate unsuspecting people into saying absolutely deplorable soundbites. All of which Jackson captured on film.[…]

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The F In UFC Doesn’t Stand For “Faggot”

The Ultimate Fighting Championship is not exactly the type of thing that normally makes much of a blip on our radar, but a new promotional video for the company certainly has our attention. UFC fighter Michael Bisping calls his opponent a “Faggot Motherfucker” in the video in question. Check around[…]

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