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LGBTQ People in Uganda Are Under Threat, and They Need Our Support

The increased rhetoric about a “Kill the Gays” bill and corresponding hate speech serve to demonize LGBTQ Ugandans and give the green light for violence.

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Editors' Picks
The Daily Sting, Friday: ‘The Advocate’ Now Owned by a GOP Supporter, Rihanna Declines Super Bowl

Among today’s headlines is news that the new owner of ‘The Advocate’ supports the GOP, and Rihanna told the Super Bowl to kick rocks

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A Judge Has Denied Anti-Gay Pastor Scott Lively’s ‘Crackpot Bigotry’ to Be Stricken from a Court Record

Scott Lively’s ‘Crackpot Bigotry’ landed him in court last year for his role in encouraging anti-gay fervor in Uganda; now, Scott Lively lost his appeal

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Pan Africa ILGA Is Fighting to #DecriminalizeLGBT Throughout the Continent

Though many African countries have criminalized homosexuality, Pan Africa ILGA is fighting for LGBTQ rights throughout the continent

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