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What Is a Gold Star Gay? We Explain Its Meaning and Why Some Consider the Term Problematic

If you’ve ever wondered, we explain the meaning of this seemingly humorous homosexual designation and how it helps (and hurts) queer sexual identity

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A Pink, Veiny, Four-Story Penis Has Taken Over New York’s Lower East Side (NSFW)

Lower East Siders woke up on Christmas Eve to discover a giant NYC penis mural featuring a pink four-story phallus. Some neighbors aren’t happy, others love it

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Finally, an Alarm Clock That Wakes You Up with Vaginal Orgasms

The Little Rooster claims to wake you up each morning with an orgasm, which sounds nice… until you really start thinking about it. We’ve got questions…

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Vagina To The Rescue When Man In Penis Costume Attacked On Street

The man and woman were decked out as a big wiener and a very large vagina. It’s okay, though, it’s only street theater.

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