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New Book About Gay Priests Also Makes Controversial Link Between Sex Abuse and Homosexuality

The book suggests a link between sex abuse in the Catholic Church and the secrecy required from gay priests

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Pope Francis Reportedly Told a Gay Man That God Made Him That Way and Loves Him for It

The recent Pope Francis gay comments made to Juan Carlos Cruz are a significant departure from the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church

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The Vatican’s Nativity Scene Includes a Sexy Naked Guy, and Homophobes Aren’t Happy

The naked man in the Vatican nativity scene has some Christian observers freaking out, possibly because he is so ripped, sexy and gay

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Vatican Expert Says Its Homophobia Is Partly Due to So Many Priests Being Gay

After former seminarian and Vatican expert Robert Mickens came out in Rome, he ran into all sorts of Vatican priests and bishops in gay bars and bathhouses

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