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12 Years Ago, a Man Was Cured of HIV. Now It Appears Scientists Have Done It Again.

More than a decade after the Berlin Patient’s HIV cure, another man, the London Patient, appears to have been cured

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25 Years Ago, ‘X-Men’ Storyline ‘The Legacy Virus’ Sparked a Conversation About HIV

The storyline bears a direct connection to HIV and the very real epidemic that ravaged the gay community throughout the 1980s and ’90s

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Bill Gates: ‘Trump Asked Me the Difference Between HIV and HPV’

The Bill Gates Trump HIV comment was made while the Microsoft co-founder was addressing staff at a recent meeting of his charitable Gates Foundation.

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Elizabeth Taylor’s Underground HIV/AIDS Drug Ring

It’s National Gay Men’s HIV/AIDS Awareness Day! Are you aware that actress Elizabeth Taylor ran a secret underground HIV/AIDS drug smuggling ring?

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The Only Way To End HIV

Want to stop the spread of HIV and AIDS? Here’s a plan the United States could enact TODAY.

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World’s First Man Cured of HIV

Timothy Ray Brown is being hailed by the global medical community as the first HIV-positive person to ever be successfully cured of the disease. A potential HIV vaccine has been big news lately, with one research group ready to take their vaccine into human clinical trials, but this medical miracle[…]

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