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We Interviewed the Man Who Made a Boyfriend Out of Empty Wine Boxes (Photos)

44-year-old Portland-resident Michael James Schneider took some hilariously romantic photos with his box wine boyfriend and told us all about it.

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We’re Super Thirsty For Tom of Finland’s New OUTStanding Red Wine

Tom of Finland knows a thing or two about thirst, and the famous brand is branching out with OUTstanding Red

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This Week’s Must-Haves: Hello Kitty Wine, New Fashions From Rihanna, Our Fave Comfy Briefs

Fill your camera-shaped flask with Hello Kitty wine as you get cozy in Rihanna’s new hoodie; from new gadgets to sexy briefs, here’s the best of this week

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Style & Stuff
This Week’s Must-Haves: Fiorucci Is Back, and So Are Fanny Packs

This week, Fiorucci is back on the market, and welcome the Dadbag, for guys who want a ‘dad bod’ without the beer-drinking

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How a Wine Delivery Service Reignited My Social Life

I never knew how to select delicious wines for fun with friends, until I discovered Winc, a wine delivery service that makes it inexpensive and easy.

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2,400 Year Old Mosaic Basically Says “YOLO” On It

The ancient Greeks and Romans and their friendly skeleton would like to remind you to enjoy some bread and wine because YOLO.

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5 Images Of How Differently You Feel On Coffee, Cabernet, and Cannabis

Work, driving, and sex all seem very different depending on what substance you’re on — weed, coffee, or wine. Let this informational cartoon explain it all!

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Attention Summer Drunks: Wine Prevents Sunburn

Hey you! Yeah you. If you absolutely must drink at the beach, let it be wine. While we know you homos love your vodka, new research suggests that drinking wine prevents sunburn and sun damage from harmful UV rays. The University of Barcelona and the Spanish National Research Council looked[…]

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