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This Florida Man Stabbed His Friend Repeatedly in the Neck After the Two Had Sex

A St. Petersburg stabbing incident involving a man named Michael Drake and his male sex partner raises the serious issue of gay intimate partner abuse.

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This Gay Prison Gang, Called the ‘Rainbow Warriors,’ Fights Neo-Nazis Behind Bars

A gay prison gang in the Idaho state penitentiary known as the Rainbow Warriors stops queer inmates from getting jumped by neo-Nazi gang initiates

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Russian LGBT Activist: Moscow Won’t Be Able to Stop Attacks on Gay World Cup Fans

Russian thugs recently issued threats promising to hunt down and stab LGBTQ sports fans, and the police may not be able to stop it

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After This Philly Drag Queen Was Attacked, the City Banded Together to Pay Her Medical Costs

Aloe Vera sustained a broken jaw during an assault in which she was punched in the face repeatedly at knife point

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