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Zooming Contact Lenses Turn Windows Of The Soul Into Binoculars of Perversion

Opera glasses are so passé. If you want a closer look at an onstage musician, yellow warbler or bikini butt, just zoom in with these telescopic contact lenses.

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2016: The Year Virtual Reality Porn Takes Off?

Tech experts say that 2016 will be the year Virtual Reality really takes off. Naturally, the porn industry is all ready to go with a range of 180-degree scenes already available.

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Is 360 Degree Banging Worth Your Buck?

A new company shoots 360 degree porn, which sounds awesome, but the only advantage might be the ability to face away from the action.

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Porn Uses Hollywood Tricks And Virtual Reality To Stay Profitable

Pornography has been around since human beings have. But to stay profitable in a world where everything can be found free, porn is learning from Hollywood.

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