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Around the World: Evil Mother Tries to Keep Trans Daughter from Transitioning, Malawi Holds Public Inquiries on Queer Issues

Be glad your mother’s not this evil: She’s suing her emancipated daughter (along with everyone else under the sun) to keep her from starting Hormone Replacement Therapy to begin her transition. WTF?!

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UN: Victory for Gay Rights, Votes to Keep LGBT Expert

The United Nations will keep its independent expert on gender identity and sexual orientation, despite many countries in opposition

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WTF?! ACT UP Fined In France For Calling Homophobes “Homophobes”

The activist group ACT UP was fined the equivalent of $854 by the Court of Appeals in France. Their crime? Hanging posters calling anti-queer group La Manif Pour Tous (The Strike For All) homophobes. If anything, you’d think a homophobic group would embrace that label. That and more in your monthly[…]

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