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The ‘James Dean of Ballet’ Was Dropped From ‘Swan Lake’ for a Homophobic Instagram Post

The Ukrainian ballet dancer posted a sexist, anti-LGBTQ rant, and thereafter had his Paris invite rescinded

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The Daily Sting, Monday: Miss Universe Pageant Makes History, Antoni Images Too Hot for Insta

Among the day’s headlines, last night’s Miss Universe pageant made history with its first-ever trans contestant

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Russia Recognized This Gay Couple’s Marriage, Then Forced Them to Flee to the Netherlands

Russian gay couple, Pavel Stotsko and Yevgeny Voitsekhovsky, had to flee to the Netherlands after Russia accidentally recognized their same-sex marriage

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Those Gay Images of Putin & Trump: Homophobic or Subversive Shattering of Toxic Masculinity?

Some LGBTQ critics are tired of images and jokes about Trump and Putin being gay, But are these homophobic Trump jokes or subversive political satire?

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